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We are producers of inclusive, egalitarian  

  performance platforms for wordsmiths of all genres, including spoken, written, moving and filmed word.


A collaborative arts project that utilises, explores and celebrates words.  


The starting gun sounded with Spoken Word at the Royal Dick, Summerhall in June 2017.

Jacqueline Whymark, the Director of FtHM, had been 'encouraged' to perform at her first Spoken Word event in London in May 2017. On that night she gained permission to export the principles of their Spoken Word (first developed in Paris, Berlin, Istanbul and London) into Edinburgh as

From the Horses's Mouth.

What makes us different from other more established spoken word events in Edinburgh is the mix of published, well-known and new, up-and-coming writers/performers, and the fact that we don't set a theme. We want to create a level playing field and network for writers/performers of all experiences. 

 We have since expanded into the Written Word, which will be launched with a series of 4 creative writing workshops in April and May 2018.

FtHM is set to grow its stable and open its doors to the Moving Word on April 14th at Summerhall.

It will soon be joined in the running by the Filmed Word.

© Julien Borghino 

Jacqueline Whymark 

Director and driving force behind FtHM.

Working as a social and creative entrepreneur in creative learning, project and event production and management. 

Poetry Anthem

One pen can change a piece of paper.

It’s style may seem insignificant,

But every stroke, every line, every word,

Was put there for a reason.


One person can change a mind,

Planting words and thoughts like seeds,

Which grow into flowers of awareness

That people take the time to notice.


One poem can change an audience,

Maybe not everyone and maybe not all at once,

But there’s a collective ear and a collective thought

As this information is absorbed.


I can talk about the things we try not to,

From feminism to religion

To rape culture and xenophobia

And I have the right to.

But that means I have a responsibility,

A responsibility to let you know that

These things are not okay,

And I might not be the catalyst

But I can be the alchemist,

The herald, and psychiatrist

Experimenting, preaching, advising

On how change the world.


And I’m not saying it will happen overnight,

And I’m not saying I can do it on my own.

So join me and bust a rhyme, take the time

To write your heart and mind out and then

Plaster your presence on the streets and on the internet.


Take your slam poetry,

Make it battering ram poetry,

A poetry crash, poetry smashing

Injustice and stigma.

Like a thousand fists in the face of adversity.


Make a difference,

Make ripples in oceans of deep thought

Until you have enough friends and force to

Make a tidal wave of revolution to crash down on

Those who do not seek to address oppression.


Take your prose, haikus and sonnets

Stand up and use words as weapons

Because ten thousand voices

Reciting ten thousand poems

Could change the world.


Craig A. Black, 2017

Performed at the                          

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